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Ayurveda Have Bright Scope

Date :19-Aug-2016

ayurveda-have-bright-scopeAyurveda have revived in last ten years. Since ayurveda is preparing its medicine from natural resource and its approach is in holistic way, it have no side effect. People from different parts of world have started to accept it. Private Education institution have started short term ayurveda training courses in India. Studying these course, one can become a therapist or beautician or yoga instructor or lifestyle management etc.

Ayurveda have originated roughly around 3000 years ago. Ayur means life and veda means science. It means life of science. There is very strong relationship with living beings and nature. Humans should live in harmony with nature. Disease occurs when there is unharmonious occur between human and nature. This medical system emphasize on prevention of disease than curing i.e, it better to prevent from getting disease rather than curing the disease. Every human have their own unique body composition. It give treatment based on body constitutions.

Different Ayurvedic Jobs

They are similar to allopathy doctors. Those who need to pursue this career must get Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(BAMS) degree. There are 150 colleges which provide BAMS Course. After this course, graduates can start there own practice. Other areas these graduate can turn into are clinical research, medcine preparation, academic, management and administration.

Like all medical system, here too nurses are needed. Time and cost needed to become nurse is low compared to allopathic nurse.

Various Therapist
Ayurvedic Massage therapist, Beauty therapist, panchakarma therapist, aroma therapist are main therapist job. There are various ayurveda institute in India which provide short term courses.

Dietitian gives advices to patients about diet according to body constitutions. There are different courses ranging from three month to one year.

In year 1969, Central Council for Research in Indian Medicine and Homeopathy (CCRIMH) was formed. CCRIMH is carrying out researches in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Job Opportunity

Government hospitals are planning to start ayurvedic departments. Salary range of a doctor is around 20,000. Since it has no side effect it s getting popular in foreign countries. Ayurvedic Medical officer are increasing in government department.

Tourist are coming to India seeking ayurvedic treatment, various therapies like panchakarma, massage etc. Opening Ayurvedic Spa is good business.

Global Presence

Other countries have started to give importance to Ayurveda. Tourists are interested in Ayurvedic Tourism. Ayurvedic spa have started in different parts of world.

Surely there will demand for ayurveda across the globe

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