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Master Ayurveda Treatment Procedures with Short Term Ayurveda Courses at Kayakalp

Date :22-Apr-2017

The power of Ayurveda is deeply ingrained in the healing ability of nature. With side effects marring the face of modern medicine and its inability to promote the wellness of body and mind, like Ayurveda, a rising demand for ayurvedic medicine and treatment procedures are witnessed today.

A well-practised Ayurveda methodology has a healing power as no other. With more people realising its importance, Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular as a career choice. Short term Ayurveda courses are an ideal foot step in that direction.

Short term Ayurveda courses at Kayakalp

Kayakalp offers short term Ayurveda courses that ranges from 3 days to a month in various fields of Ayurveda. The classes are handled by an expert faculty and consists of intensive training session comprising of both theory and practical classes.

The various courses offered at Kayakalp are as described below: -

  • Ayurveda massage therapy – 3 days
  • Ayurveda way life style management – 1 week
  • Ayurveda nutrition and cooking course – 1 week
  • Ayurveda massage and panchakarma therapy – 1 week
  • Ayurveda massage and panchakarma therapy – 2
  • Ayurveda massage and panchakarma therapy – 4 weeks
  • Preparation of ayurvedic herbal medicines, oils and cosmetics – 2 weeks
  • Courses in yoga and pranayama – 1 week
  • Courses in yoga and pranayama – 2 weeks
  • Basics of aroma therapy – 5 days
  • Ayurveda beauty therapy – 1 week
  • Ayurveda beauty therapy – 2 weeks
  • Ayurveda massage techniques with special reference to marma point – 1 week
  • Pregnancy and child care in Ayurveda – 1 week
  • Customized training programmes

The customised training programmes offered at Kayakalp are based on a curriculum prepared on the preference of the candidate. The training sessions for the courses includes treatment procedures like nasyam, shirodhara, several types of kizhis and so on. Study of various herbal medicines, their blends and combinations are addressed as well.

Kayakalp offers various short term courses for Ayurveda treatments and therapies, with an expert faculty, at cost effective rates.

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