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Detoxify Your Body And Restore Normal Balance With Panchakarma Therapy

Date :20-Mar-2019

We live in a highly polluted world where we are constantly in contact with harmful pollutants. They are present in the water we drink, the food we eat and in the air we breathe. As a result of poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles our body takes in these toxins over time, resulting in various health issues. Fortunately, our body can deal with these dangers, thanks to its in-built detoxification system. However, as we age, it becomes difficult for our body to get rid of the toxins by itself. To help the body perform its natural functions effectively and get rid of the accumulated toxins for healing and renewal there are various detoxification methods.

To restore our body’s inner balance and maintain its well-being the ancient holistic healing system, Ayurveda, recommends regular detoxification of the body. The body is cleansed of all toxic substances by undergoing Panchakarma, an Ayurvedic detoxification treatment. This helps the body to regain its vigor, vitality and health. Detoxification can be a long process but the end result is rewarding and worth the effort.

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Detoxify your body with panchakarma

The primary method of detoxification in Ayurveda is Panchakarma. The body is cleansed of the accumulated toxins through this therapeutic method.

There are five procedures in Panchakarma, and each are carried out in a specific order to promote the removal of toxins out of the body through the nearest possible route of elimination. Before Panchakarma there are preparatory treatments based on the physiology of the individual. This include intake of herbal decoctions, herbal oil massages, light fasting, and steam therapy.

The main five therapies in Panchakarma include:

  • Vamana – by using herbs therapeutic vomiting is induced
  • Virechana – purgation using herbs
  • Basti – enema with the help of herbs
  • Nasya – herbal medication administrated through nose
  • Raktamokshan – blood purification

All five or only parts of the therapeutic methods are used by a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner after analyzing the particular requirements of an individual. Each treatment is tailor-made for each individual depending on the individual’s condition, age, prakirti (constitution), doshic imbalances, and other factors.

Benefits of using Panchakarma detoxification and rejuvenation

Undergoing Panachkarma treatment on a regular basis provides numerous benefits for the body and mind. For well being and complete health it is the foundation.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Keeps our body systems in good condition
  • Helps in the hormone secretion of all glands and strengthens joints and muscles
  • Helps in losing weight by increasing metabolism and getting rid of toxins stored in fat cells
  • Increase in vitality and energy levels
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Slows down premature aging
  • Gives a natural, healthy glow by clearing acne
  • Strengthens hair and nails
  • Enhances overall health

You can enjoy the benefits of Panchakarma by booking yourself into an Ayurvedic treatment center.

Panchakarma treatments in Delhi

SKK Ayurveda & Panchakarma is one of the well known Ayurveda Study Centres in Delhi. To promote ideal health and happiness through Ayurveda is their motto. The panchakarma treatment offered at the centre is designed to help you restore health, relax and boost the vitality of your body and mind. They offer Ayurvedic massage courses in Delhi. At SKK Ayurveda & Panchakarma you can gain knowledge on the healing powers of Ayurveda or recharge and rejuvenate yourself with panchakarma treatments.

To experience the joy of regaining body and mind balance, book an appointment today.

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