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How has Ayurveda been the best part in curing allergic disorders?

Date :26-Jul-2018

What is an allergic disorder?  When the immune system starts to act excessively allergic disorder is caused. Most allergens are coming from dust, gluten, food, and animals’ dander etc. Acute allergy can be cured whereas chronic allergy treatment needs cure optimally. When compared to all treatments to allergic disorder, the ancient medicine Ayurveda plays an immense role in subsiding and curing the allergy. Though it takes time, the remedial measure in Ayurveda is permanent

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Natural Allergy Relief With Ayurveda Treatments

Date :02-May-2019

What exactly are allergies? Why some are extremely allergic, some are allergic only at some points in their lives and others are non-allergic? Why it is that one person can cheerfully play with their dogs/cats for hours, while others can’t get even near to a pet without developing a fit of sneezing and coughing or itchy eyes? You'd love to smell the roses, but every time you do, your allergies kick in. And every spring, your stack of used tissues grows faster than the flowers out your wind

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