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Gynecological disorders are the problems affecting the reproductive organs of both male and female. These disorders range from infertility to irregular periods to vaginal yeast infections to endometriosis etc. Other serious complications include cancers or painful warts on the vagina and labia.

Many of the gynecological disorders may not show major symptoms and can thus remain undetected. This may lead to serious complications and it would become difficult to treat in the later stages.Other-gynaecological-disorders

Gynaecological Disorders Treatment

According to Ayurveda causes of gynecological diseases are:

  • Artava dosha (Menstrual problems)
  • Bija dosha ( Genetic mutations)
  • Faulty diet habits
  • Too much sex

Gynecological disorders are regarded as ‘Yoni Vyapad’ in Ayurveda. They are 20 such diseases. These diseases are said to be silent killers and ayurvedic treatments for gynaecological disorders are yielding positive results with no side effects.

Panchakarma (five methods of purification), especially Uttar basti is an effective treatment for Gynecological disorders. Oral medicines, oil massages and herbal paste are several other medicines available for treating gynecological disorders.

Authored by Dr. RANI GUPTA

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