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Asheeth Manu Bangladesh

I am working and living in Bangladesh and had to come to Delhi for a vacation. One of my friends happened to mention in conversation of an Ayurvedic treatment named Virechan. As an medical septic (I don’t like to go to doctors) and more specifically with no prior exposure to ayurveda or any alternate form of medicine, I had my doubts regarding the efficacy of such a treatment.

However at 84 Kgs and a tendency for acidity and indigestion coupled with an almost around the clock, heaviness of the body and a sedentary lifestyle, I decided to give a shot. From the second day of the treatment, I was surprised at the feeling of lightness in the stomach and overall alertness. Despite the early morning discomfort

Of having ghee, the entire treatment was surprisingly comfortable.

After the complete treatment I lost 3 kgs in body weight along with a much improved digestion and lightness.  I would strongly recommend this treatment to be taken at least once a year to cleanse out the system and rid the body of toxins and waste that gets accumulated give our lifestyle.

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