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Dr. Aliki Osterhage

During my stay in India I completed a two year Ayurvedic Education consisting of several Ayurveda courses with theoretical and practical lessons. In the first part I learned about the basic principles of the Ayurvedic Science. In a Second part I went through several courses about special diseases and their Ayurvedic treatment. For me as a doctor for internal medicine and all my Knowledge of the Human Body it was very important to approximate to this science in an ambitious and challenging way. So I am very thankful to Dr. Tarun Gupta and Dr. Rani Gupta that they elaborated the courses specific to my knowledge and taught me the Ayurvedic Medicine on a high level. Furthermore through them I had the chance to learn about the Ayurveda science in a very authentic way. Ayurveda let me learn so much more about human beings and about the development of diseases and I'm very grateful that I could enhance my medical knowledge and the views of life from a new and different perspective. I can recommend this Ayurvedic education to everybody who is interested to learn about Ayurveda in a serious way. Thanks a lot to Dr. Tarun and Dr. Rani Gupta for their patience and their willingness to share their Ayurvedic knowledge with me and their support during this educational period.

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