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Vitiligo (pronounced vit-ili-eye-go) is a condition in white patches appear in certain sections of the body. White patches appear due to the absence of melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation. According to Ayurveda Vitiligo occurs when phelgam(cuff), Bile(pitta) and wind (vayu) are not in proportion or one of them is affected otherwise.

A vitiligo patient with dark skin may lose colour inside the mouth. Vitiligo can start at any age, but it normally occurs between the ages of 20 and 30. 

The white patches appear more common where your skin is exposed to the sun. Vitiligo can cause your hair to gray early. If you have dark skin, you may lose colour inside your mouth.


Vitiligo symptoms

  • Appearance of irregular chalk white patches on the. Depigmention can be noticed in the face, lips, hands, arms and feet.

  • Premature graying of the hair on your head, eyebrows or beard.

  • Change in colour in tissues inside your mouth.

  • Loss of clour in retina

  • Vitiligo increases the chance of sunburn

In our society, a myth prevails that vitiligo is a disease that which cannot be cured. This is clearly not true and the majority of patients can achieve good results through Ayurveda, however it requires long term medications and treatment. Repigmentation can be achieved in every patient and its progress can be controlled and limited, provided the patient follows a strict diet and takes appropriate treatment for the prescribed duration.

Authored by Dr. RANI GUPTA

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